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尊崇宪法弘扬宪法井陉县应急管理局开展《宪法》宣传日活动 [2019-12-29] Respecting the Constitution, Promoting the Constitution, Jingjing County Emergency Management Bureau Launching the Constitution Publicity Day

入贯彻党的十九届四中全会中央经济工作会议和省、市委全会精神担当担责决战决胜全力推动富民强县、美好井陉迈上新台阶 [2019-12-27] The spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the CPC and the Provincial and Municipal Party Committees will be responsible for the decision and victory.

市政府考核我县安全生产和消防安全目标管理综合工作 [2019-12-26] The city government evaluates the comprehensive work of safety production and fire safety target management in our county

我县召开进一步深化打击破坏生态环境专项行动会议 [2019-12-25] Our county holds a special action meeting to further deepen the fight against the destruction of the ecological environment

“税务杯”井陉县中小学作文大赛揭晓 [2019-12-24] "Taxation Cup" Jingjing County Primary and Middle School Composition Competition Announced

一企业登上省级“专精特新”榜单 [2019-12-22] A company is on the provincial list of "Specialized and New"

减税降费助力高新技术企业升级加速跑 [2019-12-21] Tax and fee reductions help high-tech enterprises upgrade and accelerate

我县再添一条高速公路缩短我县至省会17公里路程 [2019-12-18] An additional highway is added to shorten the 17 kilometers from the county to the provincial capital

县政府、县人大常委会、县政协党组分别召开“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育专题民主生活会深刻检视剖析狠抓整改落实推动主题教育取得扎实成效 [2019-12-16] The county government, the county people's congress standing committee, and the county CPPCC party group respectively held the theme "Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". Thematic education and democratic life will be deeply inspected and analyzed.

李雪荣在参加指导我县县委常委“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育专题民主生活会时要求创造更多的“天路”模式“天路”经验以高质量发展实效为全市大局作贡献 [2019-12-14] Li Xuerong asked to create more "sky road" model "sky road" experience in high-quality development and practical results when he participated in guiding the county's county party committee member's "Don't forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education theme democratic life conference Contribute to the overall situation of the city

李杰参加南障城镇党委主题教育专题民主生活会和南峪镇西梁洼村党支部主题教育专题组织生活会时要求强化责任担当确保各项工作部署落地落实 [2019-12-23] Li Jie asked to strengthen the responsibility to ensure the implementation of various tasks when participating in the theme education democratic life meeting of the party committee of Nanzhan Town and the theme education theme living meeting of the party branch of Xiliangwa Village, Nanxun Town.

刘玉渭在参加指导微水镇专题民主生活会和南陉乡后峪村党支部专题组织生活会时要求:以主题教育的新成效推动各项工作实现新提升 [2019-12-16] Liu Yuwei asked to guide the special democratic life meeting in Weishui Town and the special organization life meeting of the party branch of Houyi Village, Nanxun Township: Promote various tasks to achieve new improvements with the new results of the theme education

权辉到天长镇宣讲党的十九届四中全会精神时要求将全会精神转化为实实在在谋事、干事的动力 [2019-12-09] When Quan Hui went to Tianchang Town to preach the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, he requested that the spirit of the plenary session be turned into a real motivation for the staff and officers.

李杰在于家乡宣讲党的十九届四中全会精神时要求以走在前列的标准真正学懂弄通做实 [2019-12-07] Li Jie in his hometown preached the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and asked that he should truly learn and be practical in the forefront of standards.

县委常委会召开对照党章党规找差距专题会议以实际行动进一步推动主题教育往深里走、往心里走、往实里走 [2019-11-28] The Standing Committee of the County Party Committee held a special conference on finding gaps with the party constitution and rules to further promote the theme education, go to the heart, go to the real

刘玉渭在南障城镇、测鱼镇、苍岩山镇调研时要求:算清时间任务账确保圆满完成各项任务目标 [2019-11-16] Liu Yuwei requested in the investigation of Nanzhan Town, Chengyu Town, Cangyanshan Town: Calculate the time task account to ensure the successful completion of various task objectives

县政府召开第三十五次常务会议县长李杰主持 [2019-11-09] The thirty-fifth executive meeting of the county government presided over by the county magistrate Li Jie

我县召开“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育推进会刘玉渭主持并讲话 [2019-11-04] Liu Yuwei hosted and delivered a speech on the theme education promotion meeting of “Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”

县政府党组召开主题教育调研成果交流会县长李杰主持并讲话 [2019-10-23] The county government party group held the theme education research results exchange meeting, the presiding director Li Jie gave a speech

权辉在调研驿站运营情况时强调:打造旅游产业链带动乡村振兴 [2019-10-17] Quan Hui emphasized when investigating the operation of the station: building a tourism industry chain to promote rural revitalization

井陉县局召开投资统计年报暨投资制度改革培训会 [2019-12-28] Jingjing County Bureau Held Investment Statistics Annual Report and Investment System Reform Training Conference

商务局部署冬季防范安全生产事故工作 [2019-12-27] Commercial Bureau Deploys Winter Work to Prevent Work Safety Accidents

统计局召开民心工程投资调查培训会 [2019-12-26] Statistical Bureau Holds Training Conference on Investment Survey of Popular Support Projects

气象局开展支部主题党日活动 [2019-12-25] Meteorological Bureau launches branch party theme day activities

“电靓”幸福陉山共建最美井陉——国网井陉县供电公司服务县域经济社会发展工作纪实 [2019-12-23] "Electricity" Happy Bishan Builds the Most Beautiful Wells ——State Grid Jingjing County Power Supply Company Serving County Economic and Social Development

办人民满意教育谱山区教育新篇——井陉县教育局推进山区教育持续健康优质发展工作纪实 [2019-12-22] A new chapter in mountain education for the people's satisfaction education—— Record of the work of Jingying County Education Bureau to promote the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of mountain education

迅速掀起学习贯彻落实十九届四中全会高潮 [2019-12-20] Quickly set off the climax of studying and implementing the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee

县红十字会:关爱环卫工人寒冬送温暖 [2019-12-19] County Red Cross: Caring Sanitation Workers Give Warmth in Winter

县公共资源交易中心喜获殊荣 [2019-12-16] Xiang County Public Resource Trading Center won the award

壮丽70年·奋斗新时代税收助力新发展实干谱写新篇章——井陉县税务局抓党建促税收抓税收促发展工作纪实 [2019-12-16] A magnificent 70 years of struggle in the new era of taxation to help new development and write a new chapter——Jingjing County Taxation Bureau's documentary on the Party's construction and taxation

井陉县人民政府办公室关于转发《井陉县红十字会关于在全县开展2019年“博爱一日捐”募捐活动实施方案》的通知 [2019-12-03] Notice of the Jingjing County People's Government Office on Forwarding the Implementation Plan of the Jingxing County Red Cross Society to Carry out the 2019 "One Day Donation" Fundraising Activities in the County

井陉县人民政府办公室关于印发《井陉县2019年强化农村劣质散煤管控工作方案》的通知 [2019-12-02] Jingxing County People's Government Office's Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Jingxing County's 2019 Work Plan to Strengthen the Management and Control of Inferior Rural Bulk Coal"

井陉县人民政府办公室关于印发《井陉县废旧汽车非法回收拆解“清零”整治攻坚行动方案》的通知 [2019-11-11] Notice of the Jingjing County People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing the " Implementation of the " Zero "Rectification of Illegal Recycling and Dismantling of Waste Cars in Jingxing County"

井陉县人民政府办公室关于2018年度安全生产目标管理考核结果及优秀单位和先进个人的通报 [2019-11-08] Notification of Jingjing County People's Government Office on the 2018 safety production target management assessment results and outstanding units and advanced individuals

井陉县人民政府办公室关于调整井陉县社会信用体系建设领导小组组成人员的通知井政办〔2019}25号 [2019-11-06] Notice from the Jingjing County People's Government Office on Adjusting the Composition of the Jingying County Social Credit System Leading Group Jingjing Office [2019} No. 25

井陉县人民政府办公室关于印发《井陉县历史文化名镇名村及传统村落保护管理暂行办法》的通知 [2019-10-17] Notice of the Jingjing County People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing the “Interim Measures for the Protection and Management of Famous Villages and Traditional Villages in Jingjing County

井陉县人民政府关于印发规范性文件清理结果的通知 [2019-09-26] Notice of Jingying County People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Results of Normative Documents

井陉县人民政府办公室关于印发《井陉县传统村落彩钢瓦构筑改造方案》的通知 [2019-09-03] Jingjing County People's Government Office's Notice on Printing and Distributing the " Plans for Reconstruction of Colored Steel Tiles of Traditional Villages in Jingxing County"

井陉县人民政府关于印发《井陉县产业发展禁限和鼓励指导意见》的通知 [2019-08-24] Notice of Jingjing County People's Government on Printing and Distributing Guiding Opinions on the Prohibition and Encouragement of Industrial Development in Jingxing County

井陉县人民政府办公室关于印发《县直单位第一批证明材料取消清单》的通知 [2019-08-21] Notice of the Jingjing County People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing the Cancellation List of the First Batch of Certification Materials for County-level Units

People's livelihood concerns

井陉县2019年转业士兵安置情况什么时候举行 2019-12-01When will the resettlement of soldiers in Jingjing County be held in 2019?

[咨询]:农村宅基地确权登记如何补登记? 2019-11-05 [Consultation]: How to make up for the registration of rural housing sites ?

农村养老保险(新农保)如何变更缴费档位? 2019-09-18How to change the payment level of rural endowment insurance (new rural insurance)?

关于井陉一小2018年调入人员的待遇问题 2019-08-01About the treatment of transferred personnel in Jingying Primary School in 2018

教师职称评定 2019-07-15Assessment of teacher titles

养老和医疗保险 2019-07-02 Pension and medical insurance

Public announcement

井陉县医疗保险中心关于对全县新增医药机构评估结果的公示 [2019-12-13] Jinglang County Medical Insurance Center's announcement on the evaluation results of new medical institutions in the county

井陉县气象灾害防御重点单位名单 [2019-11-29] List of Key Units for Meteorological Disaster Prevention in Jingxing County

井陉县发展和改革局关于召开客运出租汽车运价调整听证会的公告(二) [2019-11-05] Jingye County Development and Reform Bureau's Announcement on Holding a Hearing for Passenger Transport Taxi Adjustment (II)

井陉县“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育专项整治工作联系方式公布 [2019-10-31] Jingjing County announced the contact details of the special education rectification work of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”

井陉县人防系统腐败问题全面调查整顿工作举报渠道 [2019-10-29] Jingjing County's Civil Defense System Corruption Comprehensive Investigation and Rectification Work Reporting Channels

井陉县发展和改革局关于召开客运出租汽车运价调整听证会的公告(一) [2019-10-18] Jingjing County Development and Reform Bureau Announcement on Holding a Hearing on the Adjustment of Passenger Transport Taxi Rates (I)

石家庄市医疗保障局关于2019年度新增定点医药机构的公告 [2019-10-14] Announcement of Shijiazhuang Medical Security Bureau on Newly Designated Medical Institutions in 2019

县纪委监委机关公布专项整治漠视侵害群众利益问题监督举报方式 [2019-10-09] County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission Announces Special Measures to Supervise and Report Reports Regarding Issues That Infringe on the Interests of the Masses

井陉县省委省政府环境保护督察“回头看”及大气污染问题专项督察反馈意见问题整改情况公示表 [2019-09-18] Provincial Environmental Protection Inspector of Jingxing County Provincial Party Committee, “Looking Back” and Feedback on Special Issues on Air Pollution Issues

井陉县医疗保险中心关于对全县医药机构评估结果的公示 [2019-09-16] Jinglang County Medical Insurance Center's public announcement of the evaluation results of the county's medical institutions

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