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Archive date: May 10, 2019

概述 Overview

在井陉历史上,曾出现过许多见义勇为的仁人志士,也不乏富有才华的文人、学者、能工巧匠、民间艺人。 In the history of Jingjing, there have been many benevolent people who have shown their righteousness, and there are also many talented literati, scholars, skilled artisans, and folk artists. 他们或著书立说,或从事艺术,或修建古刹,创造了绚烂多姿的古代文化,为祖国的文化宝库增光添彩。 They wrote or said, or engaged in art, or built ancient temples, created a gorgeous ancient culture, and added glory to the cultural treasure house of the motherland. 无论是苍岩山的桥楼殿阁,雄伟的长城关隘,还是各地的金石碑刻、名瓷古玩,以及琴棋书画、戏曲歌舞、花灯面塑都闻名遐迩,引人瞩目。 Whether it is the bridge pavilion of the Cangyan Mountains, the majestic Great Wall Pass, or the inscriptions of gold and stone, famous porcelain antiques, as well as qinqi calligraphy and painting, opera songs and dances, and lantern decorations, they are all famous and attractive. 建国以后,井陉文化艺术的发展,多彩多姿,灿烂辉煌。 After the founding of the People's Republic, the development of Jingjing culture and art was colorful and splendid. 被誉为祖国民间艺术一枝奇葩的"井陉拉花"曾两度进京演出,受到周恩来、朱德委员长的亲切接见,得到好评。 Known as a wonderful work of ancestral folk art, "Jinghua Lahua" has twice performed in Beijing. He was cordially received by Zhou Enlai and Chairman Zhu De and was well received. 井陉的晋剧也以自己独特的地方色彩进京演出,为井陉人民争得了荣誉。 Jing Jing's Jin opera also performed in Beijing with his own unique local color, and won honor for Jing Jing people. 历代流传于井陉境内的"竹马"、"抬扛"、"跑驴"、"旱船"等民间艺术,品种繁多、风格别致,颇为人民群众所喜闻乐见。 Folk arts such as "Bamboo horse", "carrying the horse", "running the donkey", and "dry boat" that have been circulating in the wells of the past generations have a wide variety and unique styles, which are quite popular among the people.

党的十一届三中全会以来,井陉的文化艺术更加兴旺,戏剧、曲艺、电影、广播等事业蓬勃发展,推动了精神文明建设的大发展。 Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Jing Jing's culture and art have become more prosperous, and drama, drama, film, and broadcasting have flourished, which has promoted the great development of spiritual civilization. 在文艺方面更是人才迭出,许多人加入了河北省文学艺术界联合协会。 In terms of literature and art, talents have emerged, and many have joined the Hebei Association of Literary and Art Circles. 他们在省、市级报刊发表文章,展出作品,并多次参加省、市文艺会演,为井陉人民争得了荣誉。 They published articles in provincial and municipal newspapers, exhibited their works, and participated in provincial and municipal literary performances many times, winning honors for the people of Jingjing.

近年来,井陉的文化体育事业得到了长足的发展。 In recent years, Jingjing's cultural and sports undertakings have made great progress. 随着人们的文化意识的不断提高,人们对文化的追求和参与也越来越多、越大。 With the continuous improvement of people's cultural awareness, people's pursuit and participation in culture have become more and more important. 为了满足城乡人民的文化生活,县委县政府先后投资 800 余万元,建起了"井陉文化中心大楼"和"井陉宣传文化中心大楼",使城乡人民的文化生活得到了进一步提高。 In order to satisfy the cultural life of the urban and rural people, the county party committee and county government have invested more than 8 million yuan to build the "Jingying Cultural Center Building" and "Jingying Publicity Cultural Center Building", which has further improved the cultural life of the urban and rural people. 年后,井陉县以文化馆为主要阵地,聘请省、市专家,对县域内热爱文学、书画、摄影等方面的人才进行培训,培养了一批优秀文化人才。 After 1985 , Jingjing County took the Cultural Center as its main position, and hired provincial and municipal experts to train talents who love literature, calligraphy, photography, and photography in the county, and cultivated a group of outstanding cultural talents. 除此之外,还积极鼓励人们组织民间文化组织,使井陉的文化氛围更浓、更强,既丰富了城乡人民的文化生活,又保存了优秀的民间文化艺术。 In addition, people are actively encouraged to organize folk cultural organizations, so that the cultural atmosphere of Jingjing is stronger and stronger, which not only enriches the cultural life of urban and rural people, but also preserves excellent folk cultural arts. 井陉的体育事业发展很快,各种体育组织不断产生,并积极开展活动。 Jingjing's sports business has developed rapidly, and various sports organizations continue to emerge and actively carry out activities. 群众体育活动遍及城乡。 Mass sports activities spread across urban and rural areas. 在省市举办的各项赛事中,连连夺冠,截至 2004 年底,共有 39 项创河北省纪录, 2 项创全国记录, 1 项创世界纪录。 In various competitions organized by provinces and cities, they have won consecutive championships. By the end of 2004 , there were 39 records in Hebei Province, 2 national records, and 1 world record. 文化体育事业的繁荣发展,使井陉的知名度不断提高, 1996 年,井陉县被文化部命名为"中国民间艺术之乡"称号, 1999 年,被河北省评为"文化先进县"。 The prosperity and development of the cultural and sports undertakings have continued to increase the popularity of Jingxing. In 1996 , Jingxing County was named the "Hometown of Chinese Folk Art" by the Ministry of Culture. In 1999 , it was rated as "Advanced County for Culture" by Hebei Province.

民俗文化研究 Folk Culture Studies

井陉历史文明源远流长,人文景观渊懿朴茂,闪耀着古朴而原始文明的璀璨。 Jingcheng has a long history and civilization, and the human landscape is deep and simple, shining with the brilliance of primitive and primitive civilization. 悠久的民俗文化长河之中,不仅有着个性的建筑等物质文化,而且还有丰富多彩的、相对统一的民间行为和思考方式,有区别于政令法规约束而自觉遵守的风俗习惯和历代相传的生活模式。 In the long history of folklore culture, there are not only individual buildings and other material cultures, but also colorful and relatively unified folk behaviors and ways of thinking. They are different from the customs and regulations constrained by government ordinances and consciously abide by customs and life passed down from generation to generation mode. 这些,铸就了井陉大地民俗文化大厦的基石。 These have formed the cornerstones of Jingdi Earth Folk Culture Building.

民俗文化,重在"俗"。 Folk culture focuses on "custom". 约定俗成,反复出现,又被广泛遵行。 It's a convention, it's repeated, and it's widely followed. 它既包罗万象,制约着每一个人的价值取向和审美标准,它又那样琐细具体。 It is all-encompassing and restricts everyone's value orientation and aesthetic standards. It is so trivial and specific. 衣食住行,喜 Food, clothing, travel, hi 怒哀乐,无不显出民俗的痕迹。 Anger, grief and joy, all show traces of folk customs. 因而,它又是一种使万物凝聚,使人们亲合的文化。 Therefore, it is a culture that unites all things and makes people close. 民俗文化,重在于"民"。 Folk culture lies in "people". 辟土植谷,弄土成器,是其生存手段;乡野,村镇,市井,是其生存环境;红白喜事,相贺相吊,是其交际形式。 Making soil and planting valleys and making soil is the means of survival; rural areas, villages and towns, and market wells are the living environment; red and white weddings, congratulations and consolations are their forms of communication. 种种世态人情,道德规范,无不真切地袒露于民俗文化之中。 All kinds of human relations and moral norms are exposed in the folk culture. 因而,了解井陉民俗文化,就能了解广大阶层社会的生活史,就能发现创造井陉历史的芸芸众生的心路历程。 Therefore, understanding the folk culture of Jingxuan can understand the life history of the society of the broader stratum, and can discover the mental course of all beings who created Jingxuan history.

历史上研究井陉民俗文化的乡贤绝非一人,但见诸文字且传世的仅有几种县志,寥寥几人,且极简的笔墨概述。 The Xiangxian who studied the Jingxian folk culture in history is by no means alone, but there are only a few county records, few people who have seen the text and passed down to the world, and a minimalist outline. 井陉民俗文化的梳理抢救工作势在必行。 It is imperative to sort out and rescue the well folk culture. I 们今天把不断移步换形的民俗文化整理、收集、分析、探源、追流,既要着眼于历史进程中的传统,又要关注现当代的需要;既要弘扬传统民俗中优秀风尚,又不掩饰回避其中封建性的陋习鄙俗。 Today, we must organize, collect, analyze, explore, and trace the ever-changing folklore culture, not only focusing on the tradition in the historical process, but also focusing on the needs of modern and contemporary times; we must promote the outstanding customs of traditional folklore, It does not conceal the feudal vulgar customs. 必须以科学和理性的态度,正视历史,关注未来,促使社会习尚向科学进步的方向发展,最终达到移风易俗,提高全民族精神文明,提高全民整体素质的宏伟目标。 It is necessary to face history with a scientific and rational attitude, pay attention to the future, and promote the development of social habits in the direction of scientific progress, and finally reach the grand goal of changing the customs, improving the spiritual civilization of the entire nation, and improving the overall quality of the entire people.

井陉民俗文化作为民族民俗文化中的一支极小分支,难免感到它的多侧面存在所带来的扑溯迷离和难于把握。 As a very small branch of national folk culture, Jingying folk culture inevitably feels the retrospective blur and difficult to grasp brought by its multi-faceted existence. 因而分析、认识它时,辩证唯物主义和历史唯物主义的思想方法是很重要的一种指导理论。 Therefore, when analyzing and recognizing it, the thinking methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism are important guiding theories. 民俗文化是穿越各种性质社会的大众文化,因而积层繁复,错综复杂。 Folklore culture is a mass culture that crosses all kinds of societies, so it is multi-layered and intricate. 尤其是古代通过口头对民俗事项的传承,传承者的主体精神无不渗透进去,使之形成的社会缘由与时代背景更加隐晦,甚至不易追溯其原生态。 Especially in ancient times, through the oral tradition of folklore matters, the main spirit of the inheritor has penetrated into it, making the social reasons and the background of the era even more obscure, and it is not even easy to trace its original ecology.

民俗传承的渠道一般有四种。 There are generally four channels of folklore inheritance. 其一是由血缘路线传承。 One is inherited by the blood line. 以家族和血亲关系为纽带,从儿童时期就口授心传。 With family and blood relationship as the link, dictate the heart from childhood. 以传延民俗事项为由,同时传授者的气质、心态、好恶、秉性也沿续下来,如今井陉的 318 个村庄,其中 137 个村是由本县村庄的扩展、家族分支迁建的。 On the basis of spreading folk customs, the temperament, mentality, likes, dislikes, and perseverance of the passers also continued. Today, of the 318 villages in Jingjing, 137 villages were relocated by the expansion of the county's villages and family branches. 可见有一半村庄的出现都与原来人口有着密切的血缘联系。 It can be seen that the appearance of half of the villages is closely related to the original population. 其二是地缘路线传承。 The second is the inheritance of geopolitical routes. 井陉虽为古赵,却毗晋接燕,井陉 91 个村由境 Although Jingjing is an ancient Zhao, it is adjacent to Jin and Yan, and 91 villages in Jingjing are from the realm. 外迁入,其中由山西移民的 55 个村间接告诉我们,井陉三晋民俗的渗透是怎么来的。 Moving out, 55 villages from Shanxi immigrants indirectly told us how the Jingjin Sanjin folklore infiltrated. "远亲不如近邻",同村同乡同一地域,是同化人们感情、密切人际关系的重要因子。 "Distant relatives are worse than close neighbors". Being in the same area with the same village and township is an important factor in assimilating people's feelings and close interpersonal relationships. 共同的文化背景和地理环境中频繁接触,易于在传统民族心理基础上促成共同的文化心理结构。 Frequent contacts in the common cultural background and geographical environment can easily promote a common cultural psychological structure on the basis of traditional national psychology. 如井陉人对三皇姑的崇祀和对各自村里神庙的祭拜,都受地缘文化圈的影响。 For example, Jingjing people worshiped the three aunts and worshiped the temples in their respective villages, all affected by the geo-cultural circle. 其三是业缘传承。 The third is the inheritance of karma. 主要指同一行业内部,进行具有行业特点的民俗事项传承。 It mainly refers to the inheritance of folk customs with industry characteristics within the same industry. 井陉陶瓷业是一大古老的民俗实业。 Jingjing ceramic industry is a large ancient folk industry. 在行业民俗传承中,通过技术转让、制度规范等表相下进行创造性劳动的总结,从而推动了社会进步,是更实用的民俗传承。 In the industry folklore inheritance, the summary of creative labor through technology transfer, system specifications, etc., promotes social progress and is a more practical folklore heritage. 其四是社会传承。 The fourth is social heritage. 千百年来,井陉的男人不少在外面闯荡江湖,与外界进行广泛文化交流。 For thousands of years, a lot of men in Jingjing have rushed out of the country to conduct extensive cultural exchanges with the outside world. 井陉古驿路附近的村庄常常接触外地商贾,一定程度上也形成了农耕之外自己独特的民俗氛围,促进了地域民俗文化的渗透和成熟。 The villages near Jingyi Ancient Post Road often come into contact with foreign merchants, and to a certain extent have also formed their own unique folk atmosphere outside farming, which has promoted the penetration and maturity of regional folk culture. 井陉民俗文化存活于井陉民众生活中,实践性是其最大特点。 The Jingjing folk culture lives in the Jingjing people's life, and its practicality is its biggest characteristic. 作为一种上层建筑,它不能脱离赖以生存的基本生产活动和井陉的社会经济基础。 As a superstructure, it cannot be separated from the basic production activities and the socio-economic foundation of wells. 这就决定了它又是一种自发自选的下层文化,因而不可避免地带有一定的盲目性。 This determines that it is a spontaneous and inferior culture, so it is inevitably blind. 有样学样,人云亦云的从众性,是民俗文化的又一特点。 It is another characteristic of folk culture to learn from others and to follow the crowd. 它的发展不会是匀速直线运动,在当今信息时代,旧的狭隘封闭、约束人天性的封建性习俗,时时被人们毫不犹豫地抛弃,而代之明快又不乏深沉意蕴的新民俗,无不昭示着改革开放后井陉民俗的巨大变化。 Its development will not be a uniform linear motion. In the current information age, the old narrow and closed feudal customs that constrain human nature are always discarded by people without hesitation, and they are replaced by bright and profound new folk customs. It shows the great changes of Jingying folk custom after the reform and opening up.

  艺文创作 Art creation

艺文者,著述与诗文汇编也。 Artist, writer and poetry compilation also. 井陉地处偏远之地,畿辅要冲,关塞名 胜林 立,虽地瘠民贫,然物华天宝。 Jingxuan is located in a remote place, and Xun Fu is an impetus, and there are many places of interest . Although the land is poor and the people are poor, it is a natural treasure. 登临斯处,心旷神怡,醉物而忘情矣 ! 故历代名家多涉足于此,把酒临风,题诗挥笔,饶有佳作留传于世。 At Deng Linsi, my heart was filled with joy and happiness, and I was so drunk and forgetful of love ! Therefore, the famous masters of all dynasties have been involved in this. 有联云:"六塞雄风,古道苍烟,三千年风月云漫漫;五陉胜景,山城秀色,二百里景观曲悠悠"盖抒形胜之壮美也。 There is a cloud: "The strong winds of Liusai, the ancient road is smoky, and the three thousand years of wind and clouds are endless; the five beautiful scenery, the beautiful scenery of the mountain city, and the beautiful scenery of two hundred miles" cover the magnificent beauty. 邑人擅作诗文者甚多,自唐代文学家崔行功修史作文成多卷皇皇巨著后,继之许国壁、刘应中、马席珍、梁韩镇、吴郡三、蔡承泽诸乡儒,以诗词名世,文采飞扬,不乏传世佳作。 Many Yi people are good at writing poems. Since Tang Dynasty writer Cui Xinggong's historical composition has become a multi-volume emperor's masterpiece, it has been followed by Xu Guobi, Liu Yingzhong, Ma Xizhen, Liang Hanzhen, Wu Junsan, and Cai Chengze. The Confucianism is famous for its poetry and poetry. There is no shortage of good works handed down. 当今文化繁荣,人才辈出,著述多达数百部,且题材广泛,立意深刻,自成特色,可谓洋洋之大观。 Today's culture is prosperous, talented, and hundreds of books have been written, with a wide range of topics, profound intentions, and unique features, which can be described as magnificent.

井陉书画艺术,历史上宋元以前虽无文献确考,然境内碑刻、壁画大量存在, The art of Jinghua calligraphy and painting, although there is no documentary test before Song and Yuan dynasties, there are a large number of inscriptions and murals in China. 且技法精湛,韵味悠长,地域特色显著。 And the technique is superb, the charm is long, and the regional characteristics are remarkable. 据记载,早期乡邑书家霍叔瑾,其书法"为上所许,屡蒙恩赐",其余许权、霍元璋、陈畴等人,书画各有所长,均为一 时之俊彦。 According to records, the calligraphy of the early township scholar Huo Shujin was "as promised and repeatedly gifted." The rest of Xu Quan, Huo Yuanzhang, Chen Chou, and others each had their own strengths and strengths, all of which were temporary . 井陉因其为关塞要地,背水阵、苍岩山远近驰名,文人雅士造访不绝,范志完、祁隽藻、李苦禅、楚图南等古今大家在境内均有留作。 Because of its location as a barrier, Jingshui is well-known for its distance and distance from Cangyan Mountains. Scholars and scholars are constantly visiting. Fan Zhiwan, Qi Yanzao, Li Kuchan, Chu Tunan and others have all stayed in the country. 现代井陉书画蓬勃日上,霍济光、谷彦儒、萧朗、李悦民、谷文达、梁岩、李夜冰等书画造诣精深,卓然大家,影响遍及国内及海外。 In modern times, calligraphy and paintings are flourishing. Huo Jiguang, Gu Yanru, Xiao Lang, Li Yuemin, Gu Wenda, Liang Yan, Li Yebing and other calligraphy and painting are profoundly sophisticated, and they have influenced everyone at home and abroad. 诸多创作者在各级书画展览展事中获奖,省级以上书、美协会员达百余人。 Many creators have won awards in calligraphy and painting exhibitions at all levels, and more than 100 members of the provincial and above book and art associations. 独特的地域风情滋养着书画创作者,人才济济,被业内人士誉之为"井陉现象"。 The unique regional style nourishes the creators of calligraphy and painting and has a wealth of talents, which is praised as "well phenomenon" by people in the industry. 戏剧系井陉之传统文化,自其传人境内始,就得到乡人之偏爱,其间从艺者废寝忘食,好戏者如痴如醉,一时名伶竟出,戏班涌现,遂享有"戏乡"之美称。 The traditional culture of drama is well-known since its predecessor's territory, and has been favored by the villagers. During this time, artists have gone to bed and eat, and good performers have been fascinated. Famous actors have emerged and drama classes have emerged. 境内主要剧种有:晋剧、丝弦、豫剧、河北梆子、评剧等,其中以晋剧为最。 The main types of dramas in the country are: Jin Opera, Silk String Opera, Henan Opera, Hebei Xunzi, Pingju, etc. Among them, Jin Opera is the most popular. 年,井陉晋剧团成立,剧团功底扎实,演技精湛,深得好评。 In 1952 , the Jingjing Jin Opera Troupe was established. The troupe has a solid foundation and excellent acting skills, which has won praises. 年,剧团应邀人太原演出,三处折子戏,艺压群芳,轰动并州。 In 1961 , the troupe was invited to perform in Taiyuan. Three operas were performed, and the art was crowded, and it was a sensation. 著名晋剧表 演艺术家丁果仙、牛桂英等纷纷收徒授艺,以致演技大进。 The famous Jin opera performance artists Ding Guoxian, Niu Guiying, etc. have received apprenticeship and apprenticeship, leading to great advances in acting skills. 新时期,戏剧呈萧条之象,然井陉晋剧宝刀不老、雄风犹在,终年演出不断。 In the new period, the drama is like a depression. However, Jin Jing's Jin operas are not old, and the heroes are still there.

井陉之民俗丰富多彩,向有"民俗文化之乡"之称谓,除井陉拉 The folk customs of Jingxing are rich and colorful, and have the title of "Hometown of Folk Culture". 花质朴典雅,名扬华夏外,境内尚有:跑驴、转歌、颠杠、社火、秧歌、旱船等诸多民俗表演形式,可谓"一月当空,群星璀璨"。 The flowers are simple and elegant, well-known outside China, and there are still many folk performances in the country: donkey running, changing songs, bumps, club fires, yangko, dry boats, etc., which can be described as "a month when the sky is empty and the stars are bright." 井陉拉花至晚产生于明、清时期,经历代艺人之传承,形成"含蓄大方,质朴粗犷"之表演风格,具有极高之文化价值。 Jinghua Lahua was born in the Ming and Qing dynasties and experienced the inheritance of modern artists to form a "subtle and generous, rustic and rough" performance style, which has extremely high cultural value. 新中国成立后,井陉拉花多次进京表演,受到了朱总司令,周总理等党和国家领导人的亲切接见,得到众多专家学者的肯定与褒奖,并多次荣获大奖,誉满中华,蜚声海外。 After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Jinghua Lahua went to Beijing to perform many times. He was cordially received by Party and State leaders such as Commander-in-Chief Zhu and Premier Zhou, and was affirmed and praised by many experts and scholars. , Hailed overseas. 音乐之提高,摄影之普及系时代进步之结果,已有众多的爱好者与参与者 , 且取得一定的成就,成为新时期境内的文化亮点。 The improvement of music and the popularization of photography are the result of the progress of the times. There have been many enthusiasts and participants , and certain achievements have been made, which have become cultural highlights in the new era. 历史在发展,时代在进步,古老、丰厚的井陉文化,不仅是井陉人之财富,她是中华文明之一草一木,当与国人共有。 History is developing and times are advancing. The ancient and rich Jingjing culture is not only the wealth of Jingjing people. She is one of the Chinese civilization and should be shared with the people. 其灿烂之历史文化,必将服务于井陉之经济建设,使井陉更加美丽和富饶。 Its splendid history and culture will definitely serve Jingjing's economic construction and make Jingjing more beautiful and rich.

历史文化 history and culture

井陉——历史名地。 Wells-historical places. 其名著,一则曰"天下险塞",再则曰"兵家必争",此固其然。 Its famous works, one is called "the world is in danger," and the other is "the warriors must fight", of course. 然而,历史的时空毕竟战乱时少而和平的年代长。 However, after all, time and space in history are few in war and long in peace. 即勿论战时平时,深处太行腹地的井陉先民都为古老的中华文明做出了特殊的贡献。 That is to say, in wartime and peacetime, the ancestors of the wells in the hinterland of the Taihang Mountains made special contributions to the ancient Chinese civilization. 现存的这些硕果,对于先民,那是他们勤劳与智慧的结晶;对于今人,这是不可再生又无比珍贵的历史遗产,它们映证着井陉乃至东方华夏民族灿烂悠久的历史;对于来者,即后世子孙,它们又是倾注过我们的保护之功而传承的民族之魂。 For the ancestors, these existing fruits are the result of their hard work and wisdom; for today, this is a non-renewable and extremely precious historical heritage, which reflects the splendid and long history of the Chinese people and even the Eastern Chinese people; They are descendants of future generations, and they are the soul of the nation that has inherited our protection. 它们有些久已闻名,有些或许刚刚同读者见面,令人惊讶:兵家必争的险塞之地还有如此伟大的创造 ! 这就是文物古迹神奇的生命力和强大的启迪与教育作用。 Some of them have been famous for a long time, and some may have just met with readers. It ’s surprising: there is such a great creation in the dangerous place where soldiers fight ! This is the magical vitality and powerful enlightenment and education of cultural relics and historic sites.

年河北省旧石器调查小组在孙庄乡东元村傍河台地发现了旧石器。 In 1990 , the Paleolithic Survey Team of Hebei Province found Paleoliths on the riverside platform of Dongyuan Village, Sunzhuang Township. 著名 famous 石器考古专家谢飞研究员给出的鉴定结论是属于山西 X( 右框里一合字 ) 河大石器文化系统。 Paleolithic archaeologist Xie Fei's identification is that it belongs to the Shanxi X ( Hehe in the right frame ) large stone culture system. 这一闪电般的信息,瞬间昭示了冀晋交通链上古人类开拓的足迹,将井陉乃至整个石家庄地区的历史由已知的五、六千年上推到五六万年以前。 This lightning-like message instantly showed the footprints of the ancient people in the transportation chain of Jijin, which pushed the history of Jingyu and even the entire Shijiazhuang area from 5,000 to 6,000 years ago to 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. 测鱼、西葛丹等仰韶文化遗址的发现,揭示了先民们定居于斯、发展于斯的遗迹。 The discovery of Yangshao cultural sites, such as surveying fish and Xigedan, reveals the remains of the ancestors who settled and developed in Sri Lanka. 石桥头、杨树岭、微新庄、南良都、北岭坡、威西街等十余处龙山、先商遗址的发现,不仅使得井陉早早地发出了中华古老文明的光辉,而且如同 1992 年专家已指出的井陉是建立中国历史上第二个奴隶制王朝的商先民曼族的族源地,是商文化起源的祖地之一,绵蔓水,盖因曼族而得名。 The discovery of more than ten Longshan and Xianshang sites including Shiqiaotou, Yangshuling, Weixinzhuang, Nanliangdu, Beilingpo, and Weixi Street not only caused Jingxuan to emit the glory of ancient Chinese civilization as early as possible, but also as an expert in 1992 The Jing Jing pointed out is the ancestral homeland of the Shang peoples who established the second slavery dynasty in Chinese history. It is one of the ancestral lands of the Shang culture. It is named after the Manshui. 蔓葭城 ( 今威州 6410 工厂处 ) 是迄今已发现的井陉最早的古城,它是中山国都灵寿西南的首座重镇,属于王畿卫城。 Mancheng City ( now the Weizhou 6410 Factory ) is the earliest ancient city of Jingjing that has been discovered to date. It is the first important town in the southwest of Lingshou, Zhongshan Kingdom, and belongs to the Wangcheng Acropolis. 矿区天护城,乃肇基于战国赵之"五陉",是秦汉的井陉治所。 The Tianhu Fortress in the mining area is based on the "Five Encounters" of Zhao Zhi in the Warring States Period. 天长古城的出现时间有唐代文献可证,是唐天长军,宋天威军的塞城所在。 The appearance of Tianchang Ancient City can be proved by Tang Dynasty literature. It is the siege of Tang Tianchang Army and Song Tianwei Army. 东出土门,西度故关、娘子关, The gate was unearthed in the east, the west pass and the maiden pass, "车不得方轨,骑不能成列"的井陉口内古道,就是将上述三座古老的城池一线相穿,成为中国最 The ancient road inside Jingxingkou, "No car can ride on a square track, can't ride in a row" is to cross the three ancient cities on the front line, becoming the most popular in China. 为驰名的古驿道之一。 It is one of the famous ancient post roads. 汉初著名的"背水之战"走的是这条古道;秦末始皇韫椋过井利用了这条古道;而直接 导致中山国灭亡的战国蔓葭之战则开通了这条古道。 The famous "Backwater Battle" in the early Han Dynasty took this ancient path; the Emperor Shihuang of the late Qin Dynasty used this ancient path; and the War of the Warring States Period , which directly led to the destruction of Zhongshan, opened this ancient path. 至今,这条古驿道的遗迹尚历历可考。 So far, the remains of this ancient post road are still available. "荜路褴缕,以启山林",井陉先民生息维艰,于家石头民俗村,正如石罅生翠柏,是这方土地所孕育出的千古传承的石头文化的真实写照和缩影。 "Bailu stalks, to open the mountain forest", the wells of the ancestors of Jingxu lived hard, and the stone folk custom village in the family, just like the cypresses of Shizhuang, is a true portrayal and epitome of the ancient stone culture that was born from this land. 被誉为东方巨龙和民族脊梁的万里长城,经查,其井陉段北起三县 ( 井陉、平山 、盂县 ) 垴之达滴岩口,中经娘子关、故关属段,南抵控扼甘陶河的杨庄口,长度近百公里,起修自明嘉靖,止于明崇祯,是明内长城的组成部分,可谓一直修到了明亡为止。 The Great Wall of China, known as the Oriental Dragon and the backbone of the nation, has been investigated. The Jingjing section starts from Diyankou in the three counties ( Jingjing, Pingshan , Yuxian ) in the north , and belongs to the section of Niangziguan and Guguan in the south. The Yangzhuangkou, which controls the Gantao River, is nearly 100 kilometers long. It started from Jiajing in Ming Dynasty and ended in Chongzhen in Ming Dynasty. It is a part of the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty and it can be said to have been built until the death of Ming Dynasty. 特别是杨庄口拦河长城——"九江口地束火城",根据创修碑 文,实际是同山海关九门 口水关长城结构完全相同的御守工事,是为防堵李自成义军自晋人冀而筑。 In particular, the Great Wall at Yangzhuangkou —— "Jiujiangkou Dishuhuo City", according to the inscriptions , is actually a defensive fortification with the same structure as the Great Wall at Jiumenkou of Shanhaiguan Customs. People build. 就明长城史来说有着重要的补证价值。 As far as the history of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty is concerned, it has important supplementary evidence.

东方古典艺术奇葩之一的中国汉传佛教文化,亦在这方土地留下了圣迹。 Chinese Han Buddhism, one of the wonderful works of oriental classical art, has left sacred traces in this land. 窝石窟寺,当年驿道由寺中经过,其实可纳入驿道文化加以考察。 In Longwo Grotto Temple, the post road passed by the temple that year, in fact, it can be included in the post road culture for investigation. 中国一绝的苍岩山福庆寺,那敞肩独拱石桥跨涧飞构,比享有"长虹饮涧"之誉、世界知名的赵州大石桥饮涧之势来的更为形象和突出。 Fuqing Temple in Cangyan Mountain, China's best, the open-shoulder single-arch stone bridge spans the ridge structure, which is more prominent and prominent than the world-famous Zhaozhou Dashiqiao drinking fountain. . 桥上起殿,雕甍凌空,望若仙宫。 The temple rises on the bridge, and the eagle is carved into the sky, looking at the fairy palace. 公主祠在妙法莲花经塔的映衬下,烟霞缭绕的暮霭中似蕴藏了无数的玄机;殿内壁画、彩塑,定格了当地民间的千古奇传。 Against the backdrop of the Lotus Pagoda of the Magic Law, the princess shrine seems to contain countless mysteries in the misty twilight; the murals and colorful sculptures in the hall set the ancient folk tradition. 尤为奇 Especially strange 特的是山半悬寺,而山上竟然又山居石室,鸡犬桑麻——"窍开别天",仿佛仙境之上幻化出了天上人间的海市蜃景。 Especially the mountain half-hanging temple, and there is a stone room in the mountain, the chicken and dog mulberry-"know the other sky", as if on a fairyland, the mirage of the mirage of heaven and earth has been transformed. 倒置仙凡 ! 在山林寺庙中堪称化境的奇妙创典,举世无双,不可再遇。 Inverted Xianfan ! Wonderful creation in the mountain forest temple can be described as unique in the world and cannot be encountered again.

年开始发现的井陉窑,经 1993 1998 1999 2000 年几次抢救发掘,渐渐露出了它的神秘面容。 The Jingxing Kiln, which was discovered in 1989 , was rescued and excavated several times in 1993 , 1998 , 1999 , and 2000 , and gradually revealed its mysterious face. 大家知道,白瓷的产生是世界制瓷史上划时代的伟大创举。 Everyone knows that the emergence of white porcelain is an epoch-making great initiative in the history of world porcelain making. 距今一千四百年前的隋代,井陉窑烧造出了白瓷,显示它同河北的邢窑、河南的巩县窑一并成为迄今所知中国最早、也是世界最早烧制白瓷窑口的三鼎足之一。 In the Sui Dynasty 1,400 years ago, white porcelain was fired from the Jingye kiln, showing that it has become the earliest known white porcelain kiln in China and the world, together with Xing kiln in Hebei and Gongxian kiln in Henan. One of the three tripods of the mouth. 唐代,发掘所获证实井陉窑生产各种极其精美白瓷制品的同时,还烧造出了有别于陕西、河南及同省的邢、定两窑而独具特色的唐三彩。 During the Tang Dynasty, the excavation site confirmed that Jingjing kiln produced a variety of extremely fine white porcelain products, and also produced Tang Sancai, which is different from Xing and Dingliang kiln in Shaanxi, Henan and the same province. 井陉窑出现了第一个盛烧期。 The first well-burning period appeared in Jingying Kiln. "官"字款器在窑址中的发现直接说 The discovery of the "guan" section in the kiln site directly said 明类银类雪的唐白瓷中应有不少井陉窑的产品。 There should be a lot of products from the Jingyao kiln in the Tangbai porcelain of Ming-type silver snow. 其妆饰手法多样,珍瓷琳琅。 Its decorative methods are diverse, and the porcelain is rich. 北陉窑址区晚唐墓精细白瓷塔式罐,三彩塔式罐;冯家沟窑址区唐墓所出瓷塑鞍马散乐吹奏俑等,即其时的代表之作。 Fine white porcelain tower pots and three-color tower pots of the Late Tang Dynasty Tomb in Beituo Kiln Site; the porcelain-plastic Anma Sanle playing figurines from the Tang Tomb in Fengjiagou Kiln Site are representative works of the time. 宋代,继在天长古城所在地烧制出大量的属于此窑独造的刻款"天威军官瓶"。 In the Song Dynasty, a large number of carved "Tianwei officer bottles" belonging to this kiln were burned in the Tianchang Ancient City. 金代井陉窑发展到鼎盛期。 The Jindai Jingyao Kiln developed to its heyday. 其精品不仅十分难能地在胎质釉色上保持了唐宋的高超水平,器形品类,尤其妆饰花色,烧造技艺都有重要的创新。 Its fine products not only very difficult to maintain the superb level of the Tang and Song dynasties in the glaze, the shape of the utensils, especially the decorative colors, the firing techniques have important innovations. 论印花,以河东窑址一次性出土十二件完整的印花模子为证,业已超越了定窑。 On printing, the twelve complete printing molds unearthed at one time in the Hedong kiln site have proved that it has surpassed the fixed kiln. 论发明,那小小戳模的出土,使得文献失载,而南北各窑口历年发掘所不见,陶瓷考古界所未知,制瓷工艺中已失传的一种技法——戳印点彩得以重新面世 On the invention, the excavation of the small stamp mold has caused the document to be lost, but the kiln mouths in the north and the south have not been seen in the past years of excavation. The ceramic archeological circle is unknown. Come out . 庞大的的信息提供给文物部门,并将自己收集到的其中四件主动上交,分文不取,事迹十分感人。 The huge amount of information was provided to the cultural relics department, and four of the collected items were submitted on their own initiative. 又如城关退休老教师杜慎庭,自发成立义务古城文物保护所,拿起法律的武器对破坏井陉窑,破坏古城文物的行为直面抗争。 Another example is Du Shenting, a retired old teacher in Chengguan, who voluntarily set up a compulsory ancient city cultural relics protection institution. He took up legal weapons to confront Jingying Kiln and the ancient city cultural relics. 他们是井陉的优秀分子,井陉人民的真正代表。 They are the outstanding elements of Jingxing, the true representatives of Jingxing people.

天公赋于这片土地以奇山胜水,先民即凭借这得天独厚的物质资源创造和传留了这一方名地的特色历史文化 , 永久地散发着璀灿的光芒 , 发挥着无尽的社会功效。 Tian Gong endowed this land with strange mountains and waters. The ancestors used this unique material resources to create and pass on the characteristic history and culture of this famous place . It permanently emits a bright light and exerts endless social effects. .