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就您所知,目前居民实现低碳生活方式面临着哪些障碍? [2019-12-16] As far as you know, what obstacles are residents facing to achieve a low-carbon lifestyle?

您认为低碳生活方式会影响到您的生活质量吗? [2019-12-16] Do you think a low-carbon lifestyle will affect your quality of life?

您听说过“低碳经济”这个说法吗? [2019-12-05] Have you heard the term "low-carbon economy"?

以下哪些属于有害垃圾? [2019-07-04] Which of the following are hazardous waste?

您偏好以何种方式到井陉县旅游? [2019-02-19] In what way do you prefer to travel to Jingxing County?

阅读习惯调查:您平均每月累计阅读时间多长? [2019-01-31] Reading habits survey: How long do you accumulate reading time on average every month?

阅读习惯调查:您每天读书吗? [2019-01-30] Reading habits survey: Do you read books every day?

您认为治理城市交通拥堵的有效措施是什么? [2019-01-25] What do you think are the effective measures to control urban traffic congestion?

县城交通拥堵建议的调查:您出行中经常遇到堵车的情况吗 [2019-01-19] Investigation on traffic congestion suggestions in county towns: Do you often encounter traffic jams when traveling?

县城交通拥堵建议的调查:您最主要的出行方式是? [2019-01-12] Survey of county-level traffic congestion suggestions: What is your main travel method?

您对政务公开栏目是否满意? [2018-07-30] Are you satisfied with the public affairs section?

您对春节期间燃放烟花爆竹的看法? [2018-01-31] What do you think of the display of fireworks during the Spring Festival?

您觉得是否应该禁止流动商贩占路摆卖? [2018-01-31] Do you think it is forbidden for mobile traders to take over the road?

你是否经常关注当地空气质量报告? [2018-01-31] Do you often pay attention to local air quality reports?

你认为大气污染的最主要源头是哪一个? [2018-01-31] Which do you think is the main source of air pollution?

参与污染治理,下列行动你最愿意尝试哪一个? [2018-01-31] Participate in pollution control. Which of the following actions are you most willing to try?

大气污染调查问卷 [2018-01-31] Air pollution survey questionnaire

您对家用厕所建设的看法是? [2019-07-22] What is your opinion on the construction of household toilets?

您对美丽乡村建设的关键的看法是? [2017-06-22] What is your key opinion on beautiful rural construction?

您对本村及周边地区的环境的看法是? [2017-06-22] What is your opinion on the environment of the village and surrounding areas?

您对本村目前生活垃圾处理方式的看法是? [2017-06-22] What is your opinion on the current domestic garbage disposal methods in this village?

您对本村现有公共生活垃圾处理设施的看法是? [2017-06-22] What is your opinion on the existing public domestic waste treatment facilities in this village?

您对美丽乡村建设过程中需要突出解决的首要问题的看法是? [2017-06-21] What is your opinion on the most important issues that need to be addressed during the construction of beautiful countryside?

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